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Some key questions to consider before meeting with the contractor are:

- Do you want a spa as well as a pool?
- Do you have a color preference for the interior finish of the swimming pool?
- What type of decking do you like?
- What type of rock do you prefer for your waterfall?
- Do you want a grotto waterfall to swim under?
- Do you need space for entertaining or a play area for the kids? What about an area for pets?
- What is your budget, and can the design be built out in stages if needed?

Having these questions ready can help prepare you to choose the options that are available in a new swimming pool. Whatever your goal is, define it. When making every decision, ask yourself if that choice will enhance your design. If you are planning a complete outdoor design, it is easier to break it up into stages. In most cases, you will need to start in the backyard and work your way to the front because of access issues, unless you have a rear access to the property.

Take plenty of time to prepare before the initial meeting. By doing so, you can make sure your dreams and visions are well thought out and exactly what you want. Your backyard is an extension of your home and can become a mini-vacation spot if you have the right pool contractor for the job. Make sure that you find a contractor who is committed to listening to you and making your dream a reality.

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Residential Swimming Pools – A Brief Guide

Owning your own pool should be the culmination of a dream. Aside from buying your house, having a pool installed will probably be one of the most considered purchases you’ll ever make. Choose the right design for your house and garden now and you will be rewarded with many years of pleasure and a feature that will add great value and desirability to your property.

Whether you decide to have an outdoor or indoor swimming pool really comes down to personal preference. The obvious advantage of an indoor pool is that, because you can control the environment, you can use it throughout the year, whatever the weather. However outdoor pools are an equally popular choice and can bring gardens to life with the addition of a careful and sympathetic design.

Design Considerations & Construction

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How to Design Your Own Swimming Pool

If the future plans for your backyard include an in-ground swimming pool, you might begin by doing your own design. Whether you wind up with just a rough sketch or a detailed plan, the time is well-spent and you will avoid many of those “I shoulda” moments. By giving the pros something tangible to start with, you will also save a great deal of time in dealing with them…less back-and-forth, as the family debates what you really want.

I recommend starting with a trip to the magazine rack at the bookstore. There are several publications that highlight all the latest trends and enough glossy photos to get the family excited. From the get-go however, be realistic about how much money and space you can dedicate to the project. Focus on designs that fit your property, not only in size, but in style and grandeur. The Trevi Fountain is beautiful but it wouldn’t look right in most sub-division backyards. If the architecture of your home is formal, stick with that. If it’s rustic, go with that. I’ve seen many people blow sixty grand on a beautiful pool that just looks out of place. Lastly, remember that there is a lot more to it than just the vessel that holds the water. A great pool is a collection of water effects, decking, furniture, landscaping, and sometimes architectural elements like walls, benches, fireplaces, and even outdoor kitchens.

If you are the engineering type, you may want to acquire one of the computer programs available that draw pools. Some are simple and free. Some are full cad/cam programs that require a PhD. Or, you may want to just grab some graph paper and a few colored pencils. Both methods work equally well. Your pool builder is only going to use it as a guide anyway to put the design into the format he/she is accustomed to. As you review your site, a few things will come in handy: Assemble enough garden hose to approximate the perimeter of your future pool. Most pools have a perimeter of around 90 feet but obviously, you may want more or less. Have a nice long measuring tape on your belt and gather up a few pieces of outdoor furniture that resemble what you may eventually want to accommodate at poolside. It’s much easier to see how much room you need to walk around an actual lounge chair than it is to imagine it on paper. Most importantly, you must drag any family members into the backyard that will ever use the pool. Now is the time to get a consensus on what everyone wants; not after you and the pool builder have invested 50 hours in the design.

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