Adding a Waterfall to Your Swimming Pool

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Waterfalls can improve the visual appeal of your swimming pool and make your outdoor space more inviting. Children will enjoy splashing around in the water, and adults will appreciate the added ambiance. Waterfalls are also very impressive, viewed as a status symbol as they are often featured in pools in the most luxurious homes, resorts, and hotels.

What you may not have realized is that incorporating waterfalls into your pool design can actually be very easy and affordable. A pool design expert can help you come up with a few ideas to suit your budget as well as your pool design.

Here are a few different types of waterfalls for your pool:

Sheeting waterfall: This style of waterfall features sheets of water cascading into a pool. It is best suited for indoor pools, as windy conditions can distort the flow of water. Keep in mind that a greater volume of water will be required for higher waterfalls in order to prevent the sheet from separating.

Water wall: Also referred to as a “wet wall” or a “weir,” this type of waterfall features rippling water falling over a wall surface. The effect of the water can be further enhanced by the choice of material used for the wall; for example, smooth marble walls create a soft and even flow, while the uneven surface of rocky walls will cause interesting movements.

Stone stack cascade: This waterfall effect is created by allowing water to flow over artfully stacked stones. This creates a relaxing environment and has a natural, unique appearance.

Like any other renovation project, planning is required when adding a waterfall so that you can achieve the best results. Here are some tips for preparing.

- Examine the area in which you would like to have your waterfall, and make sure that there is enough room to house both the visible and hidden components of your waterfall.
- Choose a waterfall design to suit the space you have selected for it. You can make sketches of your ideas so that you can better communicate what you want to your pool design expert.
- Be aware of local swimming pool regulations, and make sure that your waterfall does not cause you to violate any of them.

Adding a waterfall to your pool is a decision that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Speak with a pool design specialist today; they can help you make the beautiful waterfall you’ve been dreaming of a reality.

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